Light garage: first non-course closing remarks

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Last Wednesday we had last Light Garage “random lesson”, BP Images non-course.

This series of “random lessons” was focused simply on how to use the camera to photograph the cool neighbour, keeping in mind that “Auto settings are evil, while all other settings are ok”, without talking about communication (except where required by an exercise, ça va sans dire). The exercises, therefore, merely helped to understand what happens at f/4 or at f/11, ISO 100 or 3200, using fast or slow shutter speed. 

Well, we also talked about “nice” pictures, and  photos “that everybody love” when speaking of Fontana, of his particular style, to which he has always been true, even when working on commission and of his statement “if a tree produces apples, but I do not like apples, whose problem is it? Certainly not the tree’s, even less the apples’”(F. Fontana “Fotografia creativa”, pagw 33).

Ehi, attention… this is not to justify everything coming out a camera “because if you don’t like it, the problem is yours”: being judgmental is important as it is understanding that if you’re shooting your cat sleeping on the couch, 99% of the time you took a picture (more or less a good one) of your sleeping cat and this, just as likely doesn’t make you the photographer of the year 😅.

Buuuut, this non-course is to help beginners speaking the same language as their camera and understanding that it sees what we instruct it to see. 😉

So, the “random lessons” are over and I am very very very pleased with the progress made by my two super-non-learners, who for almost 5 months sat through my photographic ramblings, the exercises (these have been a burden also on their partners… but it was for a good cause!) and, above all, they shared moments with MoneyK, who is family now 😁.

How was before:

How was the journey…

Super-non-learner 1


Super-non-learner 2



Here you are.


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