Behind the scenes of…

During past weeks I had the chance to witness to what happens when planning for an event: from rat races to quick meetings, to drafts done, undone, and redone, to reharsals… I could see their wheels turning 😂

The event I’m referring to is the introduction of  Team 3 60, figured, wanted, and designed by three great busineswomen. I was pleased to photograph their shops, the hairdresser’s, and the first reharsals with the models. 

Here below, some of my pictures:


F Acconciature – via XX Settembre, 74 – Voghera (PV)


Il Fiore – via S. Lorenzo, 73 – Voghera (PV)


Vecchi – via Scarabelli, 42 – Voghera (PV)

Team 3 60 was conceived by three professionals who wanted to provide their customers a tailored service, by pooling competence, experience, and expertise gained in many years of business. 

The project, goes much farther than the concept of simple event organization to provide customised services, has been developed by (in alphabetical order 😁) F Acconciature hair salon by Fabio Maragna e Barbara Negrini, Il Fiore by Michela Pavesi and the landkmark shop Vecchi, run by Maria Teresa Figini and Claudio Gerola.

n Sunday 15/4, the day after tomorrow, at F Acconciature hair salon – via XX Settembre, 74 – Voghera where the group will formally introduce itself. We will travel in time, with Fabio’s team hairstyles, Michela’s floral arrangements, Maria Teresa’s stagings, and with the cooperation of Stella della Moda (by Simona Merli, Piernel – Salice Terme), Sunny Day (beauty and sunroom- Voghera). And all accompanied by the wines of Montelio Vini (Agricultural Business – Codevilla).

Me too, I will be there to capture anything and everything (because I’ve seen something, but I’m still curious to see what they’re up to!)

Ehi, I’ll be waiting for you!

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